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Introducing: The Getz!

Hi! So I have a new band and we're called The Getz. Sometimes it's Brendan and the Getz. The Elton John wordplay is, of course, intentional. We played our first show not too long ago at Neck of the Woods in Inner Richmond, and we destroyed our 30-minute set that night. We'll be back on stage in late November at Bottom of the Hill -- November 26th to be precise. Who are we?


Me (Brendan) - Vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards

Tommy P - Lead guitar. Tommy is a member of too many bands to count, including his own, Harlow's Monkeys, which has had a good measure of success and is on the upswing, check them out!

Gerard Cabarse - Bass. Singer and frontman of Sleeptalkers, Gerard is a versatile and energetic musician, whose relative youth the rest of us do not hold against him. :)

Kaveh Mahdavi - Drums. He brings so much power to each performance.


Okay gotta go change my laundry; I'm a normal person like you out there!

Hey there!

Welcome to the new (and improving) Brendan Getzell dot com, your home for all things about SF singer-songwriter, prolific open mic host, and one-time Jeopardy contestant Brendan Get-- oh, right, you saw the name. Carry on!

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