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2020-09-16 03:06:02

【pg电子游戏】Google’s DeepMind division has claimed a big leap forward in producing computer-generated speech, potentially bringing forward the day when machines sound as natural as旗下的DeepMind称之为,在计算机语音分解领域获得极大进步。这一技术变革可能会令其机器像人一样大自然倾听的一天提早来临。

Researchers at the UK-based artificial intelligence arm said tests of their system with human listeners, though unavoidably subjective, had shown that the technology halves the quality gap that exists between today’s computer systems and human speech.这家总部派驻英国的人工智能分公司的研究人员回应,由人类听众对其系统的测试(尽管这种测试不可避免地带有主观性)表明,该技术将目前计算机系统与人类说出间不存在的质量差距增大了一半。One person familiar with the research said the system, called WaveNet, was not being employed in any of Google’s products yet, and that the massive computing power it needed to generate speech made it impractical for real world use for the foreseeable future.一位知情人士回应,这一名为WaveNet的系统仍未被用作谷歌任何产品。该技术在分解语音时必须很大的运算能力,令其它在可以预期的未来无法实际运用到真实世界。The research that led to WaveNet, along with pg电子a number of samples of speech generated by the system, was published online on Thursday.周四,WaveNet的涉及研究以及一系列该系统生成的语音样本被公布到网上。