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A Season Intertwined

by Brendan Getzell

Released 2007
Released 2007
Chock-full of tuneful, emotional and thoughtful pop-rock, San Francisco-based singer songwriter Brendan Getzell's A Season Intertwined will get you singing on those long drives and longer nights.
Format & Packaging: CD in standard Jewel case
CD Surface Art by Mia Torres
Cover/Booklet Photography & Layout by Mia Torres

Ever since his first piano lesson when he was a boy of 6, San Francisco Bay Area singer-songwriter Brendan Getzell has lived and breathed music. You could go back even further, perhaps to all the Talking Heads, Gershwin and Willie Nelson his mother played around the house when he was very little. In the years since, detours of academics (UC Santa Barbara) and musical theatre aside, Brendan has developed steadily as a musician and songwriter, picking up piano, guitar, drums, mandolin, and numerous other instruments. In those years, music has become both a pursuit and a pastime for Brendan; he once devoted an entire spring break to recording his own full-band version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" all by himself, singing all the parts and playing all the instruments. His songs incorporate many elements and styles, including rock, pop, and hints of folk, blues and drama that evokes his theatrical background.

Brendan describes his official debut album A Season Intertwined as "'Grey's Anatomy' music for 'House' people"; it is equal parts earnestly romantic, sophisticatedly tuneful and subtly clever. The towering choruses of "Rain", "So Far Away From You" and "Metrocard" are countered by the sometimes-sarcastic, yet always-infectious cleverness of "Ghost", "Sky Is Falling" and "Asparagus". A truce between the two sides of Brendan's spheres of composition finally comes in the teen-angst anthem "Kill Me So Slow", a sing-along popular among many of his friends and fans. The album's haunting closer "Blue Hands" recalls Sufjan Stevens and Kings Of Convenience with its acoustic tenderness.

To get the full Brendan experience though, you have to see him perform his songs live (which he does all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and far beyond), where his sense of humor, charisma and storytelling lend even deeper elements to the listening experience. Brendan can and will perform anywhere and everywhere to bring you happiness (and sell his music!), potentially including your living room! And please, do ask him about his Talking Heads covers.

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